How to activate Screenpresso PRO?


Screenpresso FREE and PRO are provided in the same file. To get Screenpresso PRO, you will need to download and install the FREE version and then enter your license key to unlock the PRO features.
To buy a PRO license, use our online store.
If you have lost your license key, use this guide to recover it.


Download the FREE version from our download page.

At startup, click on the install button.

If you have already installed Screenpresso, update to the latest version (About > Check for update, more details...).

Right-click on the Screenpresso system tray icon (1) and click on Upgrade to Pro (2):

Screenshot of Screenpresso context menu

Click on the button Enter activation key (1) and enter your activation key in (2)
Use a copy-paste action to avoid errors then click on the activate button (3). Your key should look like:


Screenshot of Screenpresso license window

Important note

You can install a license for one user on 5 different PCs and as many times as necessary on the same PC (same hardware).

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